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Topper Tribune - Oct 19, 2018  


Please remember to check the Virtual Backpack for any news and forms.

We have posted our Veteran’s Day Letter in the Virtual Backpack

Monday,  October 22         Environmental Club               

Friday, October 26         No Preschool Classes

We will be collecting new items for a local Veterans assistance program again this year. As in the past we have chosen to provide support to Veteran’s Haven North, a local residential program for Veterans in need. We will be collecting the items listed from October 29th through November 9th. Veteran’s Haven has asked that we are mindful that donated items do not contain alcohol.

  • Twin XL sheet sets

  • Bath and hand towels

  • Clothing - shorts - sizes 34-38, boxers, sweatpants - 3X and 4X only, pants - 34 and up, shirts (polo and T) - 3X and 4X only, winter coats - small through 2XL, sports bras - medium through 2XL, XL socks, belts - size 40 and up

  • Hard candy/assorted candy

  • Ziplock food containers

  • Lint rollers

  • Q tips

  • Individual tissue packs

  • journals/small notebooks

  • Flashlights

  • Wallets

  • Reusable laundry bags

  • Dental floss

  • Dish soap/ single use laundry pods

An update from Maschios:

When sending money with your child for lunches, it is sent to our cafeteria in the morning.  It is then entered into your child’s lunch account. If you are not sending the exact amount for lunch, your child will have a credit on their account.  We CANNOT send change back to you.  Our little ones consistently forget the money and/or mistakenly throw it out.  You may go to www.payschoolscentral.com at anytime and view the transactions.   We appreciate your understanding in this matter.  

Starting October 22, Fruit and Cheese options are no longer available.  We have now included Chicken Nuggets as a daily option.        


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