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2021- 2022


Communication and Community Engagement / 2021-22 School Year Messages and  Links

                            GC5HDE2 October Spelling Challenge (Canterbury) (Unknown Cache) in South  Island, New Zealand created by gracie7 + Mum                                                               


Contact Info:

Judy LaGreca  

638-4101   X: 4129 (Room 209) OR 4142                                                                 

The best way to contact me is via email.

Please feel free to leave a message on either of my phone extensions as well,

but I do check emails more frequently throughout the day.

If you want to speak with me immediately, please call the office. 

My duties/assignments for the 2021-22 school year are:

8th grade math with Mrs. Betz - In Class Support (ICS)

6th grade math with Mrs. Miller - ICS

7th grade ELA with Mrs. Harding - ICS

Specialized reading instruction - Wilson Reading System



5th - 8th grade math homework guidelines: 15 - 25 minutes


6th grade math - period 1/2
Katie Miller (x4135 Room 209) & Judy LaGreca (x4129 Room 209)

8th grade math - period 3/4

Melissa Betz (x4143 Room 307) & Judy LaGreca (x4142 3rd Floor Elevator Hallway)

7th grade ELA - period 5/6

Christina Harding (x4136 Room 301) & Judy LaGreca (x4142 3rd Floor Elevator Hallway)


Direct Instruction - period 7-8

Judy LaGreca (x4129 Room 209)

A short slide presentation about dyslexia:




Math Info and Links:

URL address for Glencoe ebook log-in: https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/    or  https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/#

  • It is extrememly important to be fluent with all math facts, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.
  • Automaticity with facts is necessary for a seamless progression through mathematical benchmarks as well as real-world applications.
  • Parents - please help your students establish a regular practice schedule if they are not fluent with all facts, x, /, +, -. Use flashcards, on-line games, board games, written practice, and/or quiz verbally while riding in the car.
  • Integer rules and operations, as well as all aspects of working with fractions are extremely important as well.

Here are a few links for some ideas for math fact practice and mastery: 




Math Practice/Games:









8th grade math vocabulary:

If a term is not defined in our Glencoe mathbook series, it is probably because it is a term that was introduced at a previous grade level. Here is a link if you need to look up an unknown math term that is NOT in your math book glossary. This dictionary is illustrated and interactive! http://www.mathsisfun.com/definitions/


ELA Info and Links:

Useful apps and links: 












                      Grade Posting Timeline

Assignment/Assessment                   Turn-around Time (School Days) to Post
Homework 1 - 2
Quiz 2-3
Test 3-5
Reading Response 4-5
Research Paper 8-9
Project 8-9
Short-Constructed Response  2-4
Extended-Constructed Response 4-5


*   Parents/Legal Guardians….the above timeline is based upon usual practice.

At any given time there could be extenuating circumstances when these guidelines may not apply. 

Please contact me via email or phone with questions or concerns. Thank you!